Hi Ive had some problems trying to dualboot windows 7 Ultimate and iDeneb 10.5.8

I Have an Intel Core 2 Duo @ 2.66
2gb RAM
250gb HDD
Motherboard: Unkown, PC was built not bought :/
The BIOS is AMI 7/01/08 (system)
Graphics: nVida Geforce 8600 GT
Sound: Realtek Audio HD
And my HDD is: ST3250410AS, ATA

So basically my problem is intalling the iDeneb and Dualbooting. I have created an HFS+ Drive with 10gb and installed iDeneb on it with a few patches, nvida, Vanilla kernel, and some others. After the install process it asks me to reboot, however whenever i reboot (because i already have win7) i have to boot from the disk and when i do this i get the light grey screen with the grey apple logo, and that just stay there o.o

What i need to know is, how can i get the iDeneb running from installation and how can i then set up Dual Boot from inside either Win 7 or (the hopefully succesfully installed) iDeneb.

Please post any eccomendations or ask any questions you need so i can get this up and running Thanks and Happy New Year