I've been following this tutorial:
Apple2PC (Hackintosh)

And got to the stage where after doing the Darwin Boot, need to flag the partition as bootable.

So, I enter:
/usr/sbin/fdisk -e /dev/rdisk0 - using hard drive 0.

And then get confused with which one is my OSx86 partition. Although there are only 4 drives to choose from, mine was labelled as 5 when checking disk utilities. I wasn't 100% sure which was the correct partition, so made an educated guess at the one which was 'newest' (highest start value).

However, after going through the automated install procedure (next step) I find that after the restart, neither my OSX or Vista boots up simply taking me to a blank prompt. Leading me to assume I picked the wrong partition.

Going back, I've tried them all but none seem to work.

Any ideas before I go to the drastic step of using the backup vista disks?

All help is appreciated.