After many hours of searching and reconfiguring I finally managed to get a dual boot of windows and osx. Thanks you Hackint0sh, it works a charm!

For those having grub> problems (you'll know what I mean if you're reading this), do this:

1: open easybcd
2: click on add/remove entries
3: if you've already added osx to your existing entries then delete it
4: click on mac tab
5: on MODE drop down list choose MBR and not EFI (default)
6: click 'add entry'
7: save and exit
8: reboot and this worked for me beautifully

For anyone having a keyboard problem, go buy a mac usb keyboard - it works.

Never been a fan of macs (don't like how you can't control the computer) but have needed to instal the os so I can get to grips with FCP as it seems every production house now wants you to know it!

Thanks guys, this is awesome.