Ok so Im on osx86 right now. I have a kalyway install and everything works perfectly smooth. I now plan on ditching this test hard drive and moving to my real one.I want to set it up just like my old setup, except replacing my ubuntu partition with OSX.
Ok so here it goes, im running off 2 drives. One is a seagate 160 gb hard drive, one partition(100GB) will be My mac partition. and the other(60GB) will be a drive with all of my Media on it, called media, so that I can access it between my mac and windows partition( its filled with music and important documents) and this will be partitioned as NTFS. The other hard drive will have an install of windows XP, and its not going to be connected by a cable to the other, because it is a SATA hard drive. How can I do this? Also, will my mac install be able to see the Media partition when it boots up?

And also, my kalyway install still requires a DVD when I want to boot it up, why is this?
Thanks and if you need more information, just tell me.