Hey, I have before successfully installed Ideneb and XP but XP fails to boot after Ideneb has been installed. I tried dual-booting with seperate hard drives using an IDE hard drive but it gets stuck on "still waiting for root device" (TRIED EVERY THING!) With no luck.

So now I want to try dual-booting again correctly this time without losing my XP installation. Also, it seemed last time that I installed Ideneb I had to enable AHCI in bios which also stopped me from booting.

So basically two questions.

1. How do I dual boot without losing XP.

2. How do I enable AHCI without losing XP.

By the way, I've heard of this "Chain0" thing but I don't know what exactly that means, I'm pretty knowledgeable about PC's so I should be able to follow instructions.