Ok EDIT of my previous post

I managed to get iDeneb (the only distro that would work) with my studio xps 8000 .

What is wierd is I had to use transmac to format my USB drive with the ideneb disk image and plus boot off a DVD with iDeneb Image on the DVD . If I did not have one or the other NOTHING HAPPENED. I used part magic or something to create a Mac Format on a Partition being shared with my internal windows drive. Wierd I know.

Anyway I got it installed and managed after hours to fix my windows boot then installed easyBSD to help for the dual boot . But... But.. But

Here is my ONLY problem now and I BEG you for your help.

The only way I could get Ideneb to install and to boot now I have to go into Bios and change my settings to RAID from ATA ... If it is in ATA it will not work. But the other problem is if it is in RAID windows 7 will not boot. Catch 22. Yeah i could switch it every time in bios but is there a way to fix this?

I read all about changing your bios to AHCI or whatever but my BIOS does not have other option than ATA or RAID .. NO PLACE in my Bios does it have an AHCI option or IDE or anything other than RAID or ATA.

So can anyone please tell me how to fix this?