Hey Guys,

Thought I would pose this question here and see what kind of help I can get.

I recently built my first hackintosh and I love it, I have only one issue. The computer will only boot from CD at the moment and with out a CD it wont boot to any OS. So I figured I would try again...

I have heard good things about booting from a SSD, which will decrease boot time, so I thought I would give it a try. Basically, what im looking to do is have a SSD be my boot disk only and have a separate HDD for storage of information. Would have to just put the boot loader on the SSD or both OS's?

Now im sure this should go in the installation section but I guess I will ask it anyway. In the past I used a program called IBoot to install Snow Leopard on my computer, however their piece of software called Mulitbeast was supposed to put the boot loader on my HDD, but it didnt and messed with the PC instead.

So what is a reliable method of installation as well as a boot loader?

Thanks again!

PS. If you need me to be clearer, let me know.

I tried to get it to boot from