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Uploaded by sam - 01-22-2012
Author Author PCWiz
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ReadMe for OSx86 Tools by ~pcwiz

Thank you for downloading OSx86 Tools for Mac OS X Leopard. Here are some things you need to be aware of before using this application:

This application is only compatible with Mac OS X Leopard 10.5.0 and higher. Previous versions of OS X are automatically blocked from using the program. The functions themselves are compatible with OS X, but the program itself is not
This program is NOT meant for use with real mac computers. This program is only meant for use with OSx86 Computers (generic PCs running OS X)
Certain features like Program Self Update DO NOT work when this application is stored in a folder or location with spaces in the name. Most of the features will work fine with folders with spaces, but it is HIGHLY recommended to run it from a folder that doesn't have spaces (e.g. Applications, Documents, Desktop, Utilities, HD Root, etc.)
This application fully supports GROWL notification system, for displaying application events. The program will work fine without GROWL but if you want to take advantage of this system please download and install GROWL from here: Growl
The developer of this application is NOT at all responsible from any damage to your system or computer as a result of using this application. This application is used at your own risk.

Please view the built in User Guide under the Help menu in the application for more information on what each function does. Please go to for more information and help with this program.

Common Issues

The only common issue as of this build is that after using the About this Mac modifier, your About this Mac dialog may look corrupt like this:

This problem, if it happens, only happens once, the first time you use it. Thankfully, the fix for this problem is simple.

- Open OSx86 Tools and open the About this Mac Modifier
- Click "Reinstall Temp Files" at the bottom and let that proceed
- Click "Restore System Strings Files to Defaults" and let that proceed
- Reboot the computer
- About this Mac should be back to defaults and you can now use the About this Mac modifier safely


Thanks to eddie11c for shell scripting, ColdStart for Perl scripting, skyhighmac for design concept, Paranoid Marvin and DiaboliK for icon work, netkas for EFI v8, zef for Chameleon EFI, and some thanks to joblo10 of for porting PCI Utils to OS X! Also many thanks to all the beta testers who tested this program!


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