GREETINGS ALL! I Was wondering if you could help me out. I have a retail version of 10.5 but my research tells me this will not work on a AMD machine so i have to look elsewhere.

I would like, if possible, to dual boot with already installed OS [genuine Windows xp home] with osx 10.5, or even better Snow Leopard.
I do not mind unistalling xp, but reading on net, it seems better to have it already installed.
preferably i would like to install the partitions on my 40gb Hard drive and use my second 250gb as storage for files/samples/etc.
Win xp Home is installed on both drives but master is the 250 gig.

My pc specs

CPU - AMD 64 Athlon x2 4000+ processor @ 2.6ghz
Ram - 2x2gb OCZ 6400 SLI
Dvd Ram drive connected via sata
250gig Hitachi hard disk - Master
40gig ExcelStar hard disk
Both Hard drives connected via IDE
Onboard graphics - 512mb Nvidia Geforce 8200

Looking through this forum for a while i see Lawless and Kalyway is the most recommended for this spec and also Tubgirl, Uphuck and Jas.

Which version of Leapord and Boot/Distribution would you recommend for this spec bearing in mind i would like to dual boot with Xp Home?

I also have a macbook with Leopard 10.5 and Parrallels desktop running windows xp.
Would it be easier to install Mac osx on this pc and parrallels to switch operating systems?
Thanks for your time and i look forward to your reply!

Oh, and one more thing, could anyone direct me to a place listing internal sound cards that work well with hackintosh?
I have a Audigy soundblaster audio card but i think this might cause problems so i've taken it out of the pc.