I've been searching for a few hours trying to find a solution to my issue... And it seems that this issue only plagues the Inspiron 1525.

It was expected that the laptop would go straight to sleep after the first boot, post-install. But, even after running some (the ones I found) commands, it sorta fixed the problem while the machine was running, but did not solve the issue of it hibernating, or sleeping right after boot.

Well, by default the sleep settings on the installation where at like 15 mins... so I could boot, close the lid and unplug it during that time, come back a few mins later, move the mouse and it would wake..

Well, I went into the settings and made it so that it wouldn't sleep... this was my mistake. Now, after boot, it still goes into sleep mode, and it does not wake no matter how long I wait. (It thinks it's awake I think...)

Anyways, I'm stumped on the issue. So, if anyone has a clue as to how to solve this, please share.