After lots of trial and error, I finally got my Sony VAIO PCV-RS320 to install OSx86.

I used the iATKOS v7 DVD, with the following installation options:

-iATKOS v7 Main System
-Voodoo 9.5.0 Kernel

and that's it (there may be more, I'll check later)

Be careful NOT to select Intel 100/10 PRO VE, as the bundled kext causes kernel panics.

Install as normal, skip DVD check.

No QE/CI (even though the card supports it, Apple killed it in 10.4.1), so stuck with VESA 3.0

You will also notice that Audio/LAN isn't working, download this:
Run the PKG for Intel 100/10 VE first, reboot.
Then run Kext Helper and install the AppleAC97Audio kext.
(credit goes to uphuck, as these files were on his 10.4.9 Tiger DVD)

After that, you'll have a working system, execpt for the QE/CI.

Now for a question for this setup; is there any way to port over the Linux Intel 82865G driver over to OSx86? There was a project doing this once. it died eventually.