I have been looking for a while on how to install Leopard onto my Latitude D620. There are many different guides using different distro's of Leopard and I have tried most of them.

The one thing that all these guides do not seem to tell me, is what kext files are needed for each distro and the information thats given is very vague. I was wondering if someone could tell me what distro would be most suited to my laptop and which one would work best. Here are the specifications of the computer:

Intel Core Duo 2.0GHz (Yonah CPU's - not the Conroe one's)
Intel GMA 950 (This is the most confusing one to get working because there are about three different .kext files I can use)
120GB IDE Hard Drive (This works fine. I can set up HFS+ partitions, etc)
2GB RAM (I don't think this one matters)
Intel Wireless (According to the internet, there is no way for this to work which is fine by me)

Any help will be greatly appreciated. So far, the most successful distro is iAtkos as I can actually install, even though it gives me the error, "Please turn your Mac off and on again".