Hi all,
Attempting to get system running on above system, any suggestions welcome.

CPU - E4400
Memory - 1gb
Install drive - 40gb partition on 160gb drive in SATA 1.
Graphics - Nvidia 9500GT 1gb (VGA/DVI/HDMI) currently using VGA only but will be changing to HDMI only when lead arrives.

Other drives:
SATA 0 - 40gb XP install on 500gb drive.
SATA 2 - LG Bluray burner.
SATA 3 - Shared 200gb data drive.

Boot OS selected by activing SATA 0 or 1 from BIOS.

iATKOS v5i - appeared to install ok with default settings but gets kernal panic on reboot, or reboot request if DVD left in drive.
iATKOS v7 - tried with several different options settings, resets before install complete.