I just bought a Compaq mini 110 with Windows XP ( An Apple Notebook is much too expensive for a full time student in Austria, travelling back and forth between Austria and Egypt. -> Yes, it's Egyptology) for my last big paper at university and I wanna install OSX 10.5 on it. It just didn't work!!!
At first I tried NetbookCD. NetbookCD works til I insert the Installation CD. I get the grey apple for a few seconds, than I get "No HTEP...." and a system crash.
My next try was the installation via my iMac and NetbookInstaller. The problem this time is the USB cable. As soon as I connect the mini with the iMac a programm named EasySuite starts and I'm not able to connect both the mac with the mini. I tried getting a cable without the programm or whatever it is, but it's impossible.

IS THERE ANYBODY WHO CAN HELP ME SOMEHOW????? You are my last chance, because it's hard to take certain exhibits, descriptions, very, very old books and big old folders from the Cairo Museum to Vienna. All my own programms are only for Mac!!!