Hi everybody!
I have a problem and i request your help.
the chipset is northbridge sis672 and southbridge 968
vga chipset is sis mirage 3+
it's a lga 775 motherboard with core 2 duo CPU
I have also an sata hdd but i have unplugged
i'm installing on a 40gb maxtor on ide
the dvd drive is connected to sata

the strange thing is that during the installation, there is no error messages ans it even say that install successfull
when the PC reboot, the hdd is detected and the bootloader start, we can hear the hdd and then the hdd stop (no noise) then the apple screen appear then within 20 sec it say "YOUS MUST RESTART YOUR PC...."

That's why i dont understand if the problem is from my HDD (ive tried the same installation with another IBM IDE HDD) OR it come from an incompatibility with the SIS chipset from my mobo

Why am I installing MAC OS, is because i love Leopard(i used it at office) but dont have enough money to buy a proper Mac

If you can help me, you are welcome...