I currently have a triple booted system with windows 7, mac Leopard, and Xubuntu.

If I wanted to upgrade to Snow Leopard at this point, how would one go about it? I have the DVD v10.6.3
Before I get all the drivers configured in Leopard I figure I'll try and put snow leopard on. If I pop in the snow leopard DVD while I'm inside os x leopard, I get a statement as follows:

If I try and install Mac OS X Snow Leopard from within Leopard using a Snow Leopard DVD, the Install Mac OS X screen (after I select the Hackintosh OSX86 Leopard partition) says the following:

"Hackintosh OSX86" can't be used because it doesn't use the GUID Partition Table scheme. Use Disk Utility to change the partition scheme. Select the disk, choose the Partition tab, select the Volume Scheme and then click options.

I understand I have to change the partition table, but it doesn't allow me to do it within mac utilities, and if I reboot and reinstall from the dvd I get problems with the partition table there also. I know this might turn into a big hassle, but I have this curiosity as to how it would work.

What can you recommend given my situation as to how I can change the partition table and getting snow leopard to work.

Thanks for all your help.