How:OSX for VMWare, Compact OSX86 for USB Thumb Drive, iPC Final for External USB HDD

How: OSX Instance for VMWare, Compact OSX86 for USB Thumb Drive, iPC Final for External USB Hard Disk Drive HDD

Here are my details:

Thinkpad T61 with Win XP Pro
4 G RAM Sticks (3+ recog by XP)

4 GB USB Stick / Thumb Drive
Ordinary Single Layer DVD Discs (No double layers)

WD External USB HDD - 320 GB - 80 GB Remaining.

I curently have the following downloaded:

VMWare Instance of OSX:
Mac OS X Leopard - 1.89GB
I am guessing all I need is to run it via VMWare.
Is it possible to use Pwnage Tool on this to create an iPhone Custom Firmware that can be installed via iTunes
(direct via VM OSX... OR... via iTunes on HOST Windows after creating IPSW in Guest OSX in 2 steps)?

USB Instances of OSX86:
iPortable OSx86 Leopard 10.5.4 USB Stick - 2.41 GB
iPortable OSx86 Leopard 10.5.4 USB + Software Pack - 2.43 GB
iGenius Intel®MacCare.dmg - 2.48 GB
How can I push these instances of Portable USB OSX86 onto my existing 4GB USB Thumb Drive without having a Mac at my disposal ?
They need to be Bootable Running copies of the OSX86 that can act as recovery tool / Live DVD-like TEST instance that does not affect any of the existing stuff on the T61?
Is that what these USB OSX86 Images are suppossed to be/ do?
OR.. Are these suppossed to become 'Installers.

Also, Is the only way to get them on the USB by using the tools in the VMWare instance of the MAC OSX as an intermediary step?

iPC OSX86 Final ISO:
iPC_OSx86_10_5_6_Universal_PPF5_Final.rar - 3.42 GB
Will complete downloading by tomorrow

If I choose to later, use this to install by creating a separate partition on the WD External HDD?
Is it possible to create / install it such that the WinXP & the EXISTING INTERNAL HDD ....REMAIN UNTOUCHED?