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I tried to install snow leopard with this method:
Install Snow Leopard 10.6 on AMD PC Hackintosh | OSX86
This method consists in installing snow leopard using an existing partition of leopard.
But everytime I launch the installation from the leopard partition I get a kernel panic after 10 minutes of installation on a partition I created for Snow leopard. I used retail dvds of snow leopard and then patched versions like hazard and snow leo. The snow leo installed entirely but it reboots when I try to boot in snow leopard. On the other hand, hazard was giving me a kernel panic too so I tried to install part by part. With the method from the site, you open the contents of the .iso to have access to all the .pkg. So I double clicked on the .pkg that I thought I would need for snow leopard (the system, the kernel, the amd patch, the audio driver azalia, network realtekr1000, etc…) but I get stuck at the very common error of acpi_smc_platform_plugin :… timed out. I did not find a solution yet. I don’t have the possibility to put acpi 2.0 in the bios because there is either s1 or s3 modes and that’s all. Nothing else on acpi compared to the asus p5q pro where there was acpi 2.0 to enable or disable. I tried ahci or ide but it does not make any difference.

I didn’t try yet to put the hdd in the sata 3 sockets. For the installation of leopard, I needed to put the dvd player in sata3 and native ide while the hdd was in sata 2. The mode did not matter. If I don’t do that I get kernel panics when installing. After installation, I take back the dvd player and put it in sata2 because it is not recognize in leopard otherwise.

I have the sound (it’s azalia driver in lawlessppc or ideneb 1.6), the Ethernet (there is a realtekr1000.kext for leopard), activity monitor shows the activity of 4 cores and with I deneb 1.6 contents opened directly in leopard, I installed the smbios 1333 fix pkg to get my ram recognized. I still had to write at boot “Graphics Mode”=”1680x1050x32” but know I bought a 4870 1 GB there are drivers for and it works great!!
Here is the method I used: InsanelyMac Forum > A Simple Guide to the 4830/4850/4870/4870x2/4890 with the 4800 package driver then the patched buffers package and then the opengl 10.5.7 to replace because otherwise it does not work. I can play games and dvds and stuff.

With the 4290 as there was no driver (i.e. no kext) I was surprised when I tried to read a dvd, dvd player told me that there is no video source found. I tried to modify some kexts to have the chipset recognized but I did not find how to correctly do it yet…

I have with Leopard 10.5.4 running smoothly from lawlessppc distro on my ga-890gpa-ud3h, my phenom || 955 BE, DDR3 1333 and my 4870 1GB.
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