Hello, I've been windows user since I met computers. Recently I had an idea to make my 2nd PC which sits under my deck hackingtosh powered.
His specs are -
amd athlon 3000+ 3 gHz standing on ECS NFORCE 3-A motherboard
using 756 ddr 400 ram
samsung ata 120 GB hard drive
realtek alc ( dunno actually 97 i think ) sound card
Radeon 9600 XT graphic card.

I know it isn't greatest cpu configuration for MAC OSX but I really doesn't want to reinstal my main INTEL based PC. I have researched and I know everything ( i'm not shure about ram and mboard ) is suported / i can find kext for them.

So 1st question - Are my MB and Ram supported 4 osx?

2nd question which would be the best mac osx instalation for my system ( for now i'm thinking about - zephiroth mac osx for amd or leo4all.

Please sorry for my bad english.. And my dump questions - I'm really new @ mac osx.