I just registered because of this, i have almost a week trying to install this thing (first it was s3 v2 but i always got kernel panic on the gray apple logo of the os not the dvd, so i tried my old v7).

I haven't really tried everything to repair it, just selecting diferent kexts from "customization" (or whatever the name is) and the reason because i didn't tried putting command lines/making my hdd primary slave/etc is because IT WORKED PERFECTLY BEFORE! same pc, same hardware, same dvd!!! and the only different thing i suspect is different bios settings.

Another thing different is that before when it worked i had only windows 7 (i dont remember if i had xp installed too) on one hdd and i installed leopard on another, and it damaged windows and i couldnt dual boot (there was no system reserved partition); now i have windows 7 in its own hdd and i wont change it because, besides its my favorite OS it is for my games and i have many, so i decided to try out windows 8 and i took the chance to store my music there (and i have many files too) and leave windows 7 for my games and some software; and windws 8 is on a partitioned hdd, one partition is for 8 and another for osx, so im not sure if it's because of this.

I have only 2 hdd's the windows 7 one and the windows 8/leopard one; i have this as mbr, windows is formatted to ntfs and osx to mac (journaled).

From all the times i tried i got most of the time the no parking sign and the few times i typed -v i got the root device error. i tried -x and nothing different happened and i tried that command to change the boot hdd (i dont remember what command was but it was something like cb=disk0 or disk1 i tried both and nothing changedm and one time i got another kernel panic; and two times the screen was stuck on the apple logo with the spinning lines (it wasnt frozen, they were spinning) for like 2 hours then i lost my patience and rebooted.

My specs are
ACPI x64-based PC
processor DualCore Intel Xeon 3050, 2133 MHz
Motherboard Asus P5N-E SLI
graphics nvidia 7950 gx2
ram 3gb
keyboard ps/2
mouse usb
realtek rtl8187b usb wireless
ethernet (wich i dont use) nforce
I have no ahci (but the system profiler from the mac dvd says that i have a sata jmicron ahci, but i see no ahci on my bios)

And i repeat, it worked fine before, and i dont think any of my hardware is failing.

Im not very noobie with pc's but im not an expert, so please dont give me complicated answers.

Thanks and sorry for the long post.