The Top 5 Fitness Apps of 2018

fitness apps

The world we live in is a modern one – there’s no question about it. Numerous technological advances have made our lives easier in recent years. In fact, the way we do certain things has changed beyond imaginable.


In the past, exercising meant playing a sport or going to the gym; nowadays, we don’t have to go anywhere – exercise comes to us. To make things convenient, we have developed countless fitness apps that allow us to experience effective exercise methods from the comfort of our home.


It doesn’t matter if you want to lose a few pounds, get a toned body, build some muscles, or simply stay active – there is a suitable fitness app for you. Apart from being convenient, these apps provide high-quality programs free of charge or at prices much lower than those you would pay for a personal trainer.


To learn about the top 5 fitness apps of 2018, keep reading.


1.   JEFIT (Android, iOS)

If you enjoy bodybuilding and strength training, you will love this app.



●      Pros

Loaded with thousands of exercise routines that target specific body parts, this app is an incredible resource for anyone who wants to become strong and muscular. JEFIT comes with instructions, a workout planner, progress tracker, exercise log, and multiple timers that will help you stay in control of your fitness journey. The app itself is simple to use, and it allows you to keep track of your routines as well as to customize them.


●      Cons

The downside is that you will have to push the “Next” button a lot, which can be annoying. Also, the app lacks audio coaching and feedback, and the free version is ad-supported. One more thing, if you are a beginner, this app probably won’t be a good fit.

     2. Yoga Studio (Android, iOS)

Yoga Studio is great for you if you enjoy doing yoga, but you don’t like wasting time going to classes every week.


yoga studio app

●      Pros

The Yoga Studio app contains more than 70 meditation and yoga classes that range from 10 minutes to a full hour. Classes are suitable for all levels, and you can even make your own classes by customizing. Since the app offers exercises for various levels, both beginners and advanced yoga lovers can make the most of it.


●      Cons

The one-time purchase for the app was $3.99 at first. However, Yoga Studio requires a monthly subscription now, which has enraged many loyal users who have been locked out of their accounts, and they cannot access them without agreeing to pay more.


     3.  7 Minute Workout for Kids (iOS)

If you want to help your kids develop healthy fitness habits from early on, you will love this free iOS app.


7 Minute Workout for Kids (iOS)●      Pros

In only seven minutes, this app will focus on your kid’s entire body, using only their body weight. All exercises have been developed with the aim of building endurance, flexibility, and strength. In order to keep the little ones entertained, the app comes with detailed instructions, timer, as well as some music.


●      Cons

The app is designed for iOS users only, and it requires iOS 8.1 or later, so some users with older versions won’t be able to use it. Also, the only language available is English, which isn’t very convenient.


     4. Sworkit (Android, iOS)

Short for Simply Work It, this free app has it all; moreover, it allows you to create targeted workout routines.


SWORKIT●      Pros

With Sworkit, you can customize as much as you want. Select the duration of your workout (5 to 60 minutes), choose pilates, yoga, cardio, stretching, strength-focused exercises, or make a unique combination to meet your exercise goals. Another good thing is that each routine is different, so you won’t get bored easily. Also, Sworkit comes in 13 languages!


●      Cons

Sworkit is a big app (139.6 MB), so those with a full phone memory might find it hard to “accommodate” the app. Also, if you want premium access and additional features, you will have to pay for those.


     5.  Strava Running & Cycling (Android, iOS)

This high-quality running and cycling tracker app that supports running trackers will push you to set new records and reach your fitness goals easily.


Strava Running & Cycling ●      Pros

Just like any other app, Strava Running & Cycling records your speed, distance, time, and course. However, it also combines all of those features with challenges, achievements, and leaderboards, which makes it stand out from other similar apps on the market.


●      Cons

Strava also offers a premium subscription, which allows you to use filtered leaderboards and create unique exercise goals. However, at $7.99 per month, it is a bit pricey.…

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Three Best Mac Antivirus Programs We Recommend

Best Mac Antivirus

Apart from their unique design, which is all about sophistication and style, Mac devices are one of the best on the market. They are fast, reliable, and good-looking.


If you own a Mac, you surely know that Mac viruses are much rarer than those frequently found in other operating systems. In fact, some even claim that Mac viruses don’t exist. However, that’s not completely true. Mac viruses do exist, but it is very hard for them to spread.


macOS and OS X are based on the operating system called Unix, which is sandboxed. What that means is that even if viruses reach your Mac, it will be hard for them to do any actual damage, since they will be “locked” without a way to escape.


Nevertheless, if you have a Mac or you are planning on buying one, you should consider investing in high-quality Mac antivirus software. Since Mac viruses are made in such a way as to target Mac users exclusively, antivirus programs have also been specifically designed to defend your gadgets from the viruses.


So, without further ado, here are the top three Mac antivirus programs that we recommend:


Norton Security Deluxe1. Norton Security Deluxe

If you have ever read anything about antivirus software, you must have heard of Norton – one of the most well-known brands in the antivirus world. If you are looking for a high-quality malware detection engine, the Norton Security Deluxe program is what you need.


Another great thing about this software is that it covers a range of devices. You can use it on your Mac(s), mobile devices, or even a Windows PC.


However, even though the security it provides is superb, Norton Security Deluxe could slightly affect the speed of your Mac device. So, if that’s an issue, it might be a good idea to consider other options.


If you don’t mind a system that isn’t working at full speed at all times, but you want dependable protection no matter what, then you will love Norton Security Deluxe.


Norton antivirus packages for Mac start at $39.99.


To sum up, here are the pros and cons of Norton Security Deluxe:



  • Outstanding detection
  • Covers multiple devices



  • Slightly impacts the speed of your Mac
  • Expensive


2. ClamXAVClamXAV

Even though this antivirus software doesn’t have a catchy name and you maybe haven’t heard of it, it’s an antivirus program that many IT professionals swear by.


Don’t let that scare you, though. If you are thinking that this software is most likely very complicated – it isn’t. In fact, when it comes to Mac antivirus programs, ClamXAV’s interface is one of the simplest and easiest to use.


ClamXAV is particularly good at detecting viruses that have been attached to emails. Even though it doesn’t come with some internet safety tools that other antivirus programs offer, it is still a sound choice for anyone who wants to protect their Mac.


One more thing – unlike the majority of its competitors, ClamXAV doesn’t make you pay each year to use it; instead, it offers a one-off fee.


ClamXAV antivirus packages for Mac start at $29.95.


To sum up, here are the pros and cons of ClamXAV:



  • Mac-specified tools
  • Simple to use
  • A one-time fee



  • No website filtering


3. Intego Mac Premium Bundle X9Intego Mac Premium Bundle X9

If there is any antivirus software that knows exactly what type of security Apple devices need, that’s Intego. This software has been protecting Macs for over 20 years, and it is one of the most well-known programs of its kind.


Intego Mac Premium Bundle X9 includes an antivirus engine that detects the newest Mac threats, as well as Unix and Windows malware. What’s more, it features a full firewall for handling network permissions. The only downside is that its features are somewhat limited, when compared to some other antivirus programs.


So, if you are looking for superb firewall protection and reliable virus scanning, and you don’t mind the limited features, this is it!


Intego antivirus packages for Mac start at $39.99 a year.


To sum up, here are the pros and cons of Intego Mac Premium Bundle X9:



  • Accurate scanning
  • Excellent firewall protection



  • Limited features
  • Expensive


What Else Is Good to Know

Many users are of the opinion that antivirus software negatively affects the performance of their Mac, so they avoid using it. But the truth is that the effects are probably far less negative than we believe. In fact, it was found that there was no significant performance drop when using Norton and ClamXAV.


All in all, the goal is to choose the best antivirus software for your Mac and relax knowing that you and your device(s) are in safe hands.…

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2018 MacBook Pro Review

2018 MacBook Pro ReviewEveryone’s talking about the new MacBook Pro, Apple’s fastest and most majestic laptop yet. If you are thinking about buying the latest Apple machine, keep reading for more information.


Early reviews have attracted many buyers; significant performance improvement, a quieter butterfly keyboard, and a True Tone display do sound tempting. What’s more, with the latest Intel processors, MacBook Pro is significantly faster than its predecessors.


Unbelievably Amazing Performance

The new MacBook Pro has the Coffee Lake processors coupled with faster DDR4 RAM; so, it’s no wonder that it is the most powerful Apple laptop ever. Apart from offering six cores, the chips boast higher Turbo Boost clock speeds as well.


A hardware editor at TechCrunch, Brian Heater, says that the 2018 MacBook Pro is the most substantial upgrade ever since the introduction of the quad-core processors in 2011 MacBook Pro.


On top of faster RAM and processors, Apple also installed faster SSD storage. While that doesn’t necessarily sound exciting, it dramatically improves the speed of daily tasks.


Mark Spoonauer of Laptop Mag says that the 2018 MacBook Pro has the fastest SSD he has ever seen in a laptop.


True Tone Display

Apple’s True Tone technology isn’t a new feature – it was introduced to the last year’s iPhone. However, it is even greater on the MacBook Pro’s larger screen, though it’s most likely not a game changer.


According to TechCrunch, you can’t even realize how blue your screen is until you compare it to a True Tone-enabled display.


Also, when it comes to professional use, opinions differ. Some think that video producers, photographers, and designers who rely on a MacBook for their work will consider the True Tone display a big deal.


On the other hand, some are of the opinion that the True Tone feature is great for daily use, but think that people who are picky about color, like photographers, will probably want to disable True Tone while working.

2018 MacBook ProImproved Butterfly Keyboard

It seems that once Apple added a silicone membrane to keep out debris and prevent stuck keys, the famous Apple’s keyboard has become quieter than before. However, Apple won’t admit that’s the reason.


Whatever the case, all early reviews agree that the new butterfly keyboard is a delight to type on. The size is right, there’s a solid tactile response, and it’s quiet. All in all, you will feel like you can fly on it.


Laptop Mag claims that the new MacBook Pro’s keyboard is not only quieter but also less susceptible to debris and stuck keys. Also, it is more comfortable than older models.


TechCrunch adds that even though the keys aren’t silent, the “noise” they make is very subtle. When compared to the previous model, the new keyboard is less harsh on the ears.


‘Hey Siri’ Is Not a Big Deal

Apart from the faster Intel chip, the new MacBook Pro comes with an Apple T2 processor that provides improved security and “Hey Siri” functionality. However, as expected, the “Hey Siri” feature isn’t anything special.


Laptop Mag explains that the feature is pretty useful, and they hope to use it for queries that are notebook-specific. However, some commands didn’t work, which was disappointing.


TechCrunch is of the opinion that more functionality is needed. Siri on the desktop isn’t a necessary feature – it’s more like a handy addition.


Battery Life

Apple hasn’t made any claims when it comes to improved battery life of the MacBook Pro. However, taking into account that the Coffee Lake reduces power consumption, there may be some improvements in the area.


Touch Bar

All MacBook Pro models that have been updated come with a Touch Bar. However, Apple hasn’t launched the Touch Bar for any other Macs, which means that developers aren’t updating their apps to support it. Even though the Touch Bar looks like a gimmick, Apple is committed to the concept.


Pros and Cons

If you are having a hard time deciding whether you like the new MacBook Pro or not, here’s a list of pros and cons to help you out.


  • Pros:
  • Incredible performance speed
  • Comfortable display for the eyes
  • Improved keyboard
  • The fastest SSD ever


  • Cons:
  • Those picky about colors might not like the True Tone
  • “Hey Siri” could be improved
  • The most expensive MacBook Pro ever

Is 2018 MacBook Pro Worth It?

It shouldn’t be hard for you to determine whether or not you need to upgrade to the latest MacBook Pro. If you need a faster notebook and a quieter keyboard, then prepare your wallet. If not, there is no need to spend your money on the Apple’s most powerful (and most expensive) laptop yet.


TechCrunch concludes that those who expect a lot from their laptops will definitely be excited to see what the MacBook Pro can do.


Mann adds that buying this laptop would only make sense for serious creative professionals since it is the most expensive laptop that Apple has ever made. Furthermore, he says that he doesn’t regret holding onto his old 2013 MacBook Pro, but that after learning about these incredible speed improvements, he decided it’s finally time for an upgrade.


According to Laptop Mag, the 13-inch 2018 MacBook Pro with Touch Bar isn’t really for the masses – it’s too powerful and too expensive for a regular user. However, power users and creative pros who demand a reasonably portable laptop will be satisfied with this system. The speed is incredible, and having “Hey Siri” on the desktop is more convenient that one would have thought.…

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