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Discuss Unlocking issue at the Blacksn0w (3G(S) unlock) -; Block of text coming up Device: iPhone 3g 8gig 4.2.1 running on 6.15.00 Malfunctions: bad ...
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    Angry Unlocking issue

    Block of text coming up

    Device: iPhone 3g 8gig 4.2.1 running on 6.15.00

    Malfunctions: bad wifi/nowifi at times

    I set about Jailbreaking my iPhone and unlocking it, so I followed the first guide I found which led me to use the latest Redsn0w and I jailbroke it successfully using the iPad baseband 6.15.00 (at the time I was just clicking what the guide said), and now I don't know whether I should have upgraded to the iPad baseband...

    The second part of the guide explained how to install ultrasn0w using Cydia on the phone via wifi, which is my case, as stated at the beginning of the post, has gotten old...

    I looked for a manual ultrasn0w install and found a dude that explained how to go into the phone through diskaid, create a Cydia folder in var/drivers/media/cydia/autoinstall and copy two files in it one being ultrasn0w and the other being mobile...something. With that done, every time I would reboot the phone so that ultrasn0w installs, it would set in the loop startup mode with the Apple logo on the screen. It would restart itself in a couple minutes and sit at logo again.

    I went through hell with iTunes and custom firmware 4.2.1 to get it out of that loop and now I am looking for solutions as to how to unlock it.

    I brought it back to 4.2.1 on 6.15.00 and it is working fine, but now that I've used a custom_restore IPSW, it does not even recognize my SIM card... (which is Rogers) and I think it self locked itself to AT&T... But that is beside the point...

    I found this

    How to Unlock iPhone 3G/3GS with iOS 4 using ultrasn0w 0.9.3 without WiFi with Cyder [Guide]

    on this forum (thank you guys) and downloaded Cyder and installed it, added both sources but the ultrasn0w source, seems to just not load anything and when I select it in packages, there is nothing in the selection bottom menu, so I can not add it to packages/load it on the phone.

    Please help me out with this,

    again the phone is 4.2.1 3g 8 gig on 6.15.00 and all i need to do is to unlock it as it is already jailbroken...

    Sorry for long block of text

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    Okay, the guides you were following (which you haven't linked to) probably forgot to tell you to install mobile substrate first.

    Secondly - the iPad baseband is always a "last resort" type solution. Many guides conveniently don't mention the severe problems this technique can cause for a small percentage of unlucky users.

    Thirdly, ultrasn0w's repo seems to only load properly in Cydia, which is why Cyder and other solutions don't show it properly. Your best option is to manually download ultrasn0w (the latest version is always at the same link on the ultrasn0w site).

    Finally, recognising your SIM card is related to activation/hacktivation (or possibly a hardware problem). Check that you choose the correct option (hacktivation) when making the custom IPSW.
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