ok this is a long story so bear with me,

I originally jailbroken and unlocked my iphone 3g firmware 3.0 with cydia and yellowsnow months ago, everything was perfect for a couple of weeks then the wifi disappeared, I couldn't see any networks anywhere even though I have a mac address for the wifi and the bluetooth and the tab is not greyed out.

Couple of days ago I heard that there was an unlock for the 3.1.2 which is the blackra1n, so I did that using the custom firmware and everything was fine but I couldn't unlock the phone via cydia since there is no wifi.

Now I have tried everything from resetting network settings to restoring my phone and i even downloaded the blacksn0w "2files" (blacksn0w.dylib and apple comm center) and i tried to put them into the iphone but i can't log on using any software:
1) diskaid doesn't see my iphone, and i couldn't install the repair for that since i dont have wifi and i can't connect to cydia.
2) iphone explorer crashes everytime i try to copy files to the iphones.
3) cannot use SSH since i don't have an ip because i don't have a wifi.

So there you have it please i am in desperate need for assistance, either a way to make the wifi work and download blacksn0w or i just unlock it offline and kick it on the 3g. Thanks guys.