i have a really weird problem. have an iPhone 3GS. restored it to new firmware 3.1.2 with itunes. tried blackra1n, blacksn0w to unlock it. had the "No Service" problem. phone showed carrier in settings, but still got no signal. it even noticed me i have new voice mail, but still showed "No Service". can't make calls.

so, i did a restore with itunes again. but, the weird thing is that after the restore, when you are in the screen that tells you to connect to itunes to active it, if i take out the AT&T sim and put my carrier sim, it tells me "New voice mail" message, and i'm still in the connect to itunes screen. is this normal???

i mean, is not even activated yet nor jailbroken. how is it possible it detects new voicemail after a clean restore with firmware downloaded automatically from itunes? the only thing i can think of is that somehow it remains somewhat unlocked after restore. any sugestions?

thanks in advance.