one of my friends whom I gave a 3.0 UK iPhone to was stupid enaugh to upgrade to 3.1.

Now I got it back to care for it. First thing to do of course was to run blackra1n over it (props to Geohot!).

After that I realized there is no unlock in any way... as Dev-Team posts so nicely

"You must always avoid updating your baseband to maintain your unlockability. If you use blackra1n to jailbreak 3.1 or 3.1.2, the steps you take before running blackra1n will prevent the unlock from working on your iPhone for potentially a very long time."

Remembering my good old days with the iPhone 2G and 3G I wondered if there was any way of using any kind of a new X-Sim for the 3GSto make it work again, and if the missing (H)Activation which is not provided by blackra1n will prevent the Simadapter to work.

Do you guys have any experiences with these adapters and the new phone?

Thanks for sharing!