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Discuss Mobile Substrate update = bricked at the Blackra1n (3G(S) jailbreak) -; Hey all. Did a quick search and didn't see anything on this. JB 3GS on ...
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    Default Mobile Substrate update = bricked

    Hey all. Did a quick search and didn't see anything on this. JB 3GS on 3.1.2 - everything's been running great since I JB on day 1 of its' release.

    Checking out Cydia last night and noticed mobile substrate had an update - went to install....and bricked. Recovered (which sucks - takes forever and then I have to install all my Cydia apps again) and jailbroke it again.

    Installed Cydia, Backgrounder (which installs mobile substrate, right?), Categories, SB Settings, Flashlight, 5 Icon Dock, and then onto Winterboard....and bricked. *&^^&%^%(!!!!!!!

    Is there something within the updated mobile substrate that is not working with Winterboard? I'm recovering (again) now, and will re-jailbreak without installing Winterboard, but was hoping someone had some insight. Surely this has happened to others as well? What's going on???

    See....I sorta NEED Backgrounder.....and Lock Calender....and SB Settings.....and Categories. But I'd really really like to have Winterboard, and Boss Paper, and Music Controls, and about 10 other jailbroken apps that I've gotten entirely too used to. This SUCKS. : (
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    Default Re: Mobile Substrate update = bricked

    The fact that at least one mobile substrate extension bricks with the latest version is known. However saurik does not know which one is the problem.

    I personally doubt it is bosspaper or sbsettings. Also think backgrounder is unlikey to be the cause. Maybe winterboard, however that is very popular and there have not been so many reports so I think it is a less popular addon.

    If you narrow it down any, give feedback to saurik. I am sure he can either fix the crash or blacklist the specific addon until they fix their problem.
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    on my last 3g winterboard froze my phone 3 times and then i decided not to use winterboard anymore. I happened to sell that phone then and got a new 3gs.



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