New here because most of the time if i get trouble with my iphone i'm able to fix it with the threads allready posted. but this time i really don't know how to fix it.

it all started when i woke up and tried to grab my iphone, but i fell of my bed,
suddenly nothing worked, i couldn't turn the phone on or whatever, so i tried to connect my phone with my mac but i kept booting up.

so tried to get it in dfu mode and restore it, but itunes couldnt restore it because it gave my a error occurred (23) searched for a solution here, but all i could find is to restore it to 2.2 this also didn't worked.

maybe someone could help me and try to fix this problem, cause i really miss my iphone .

(Don't know if i posted this thread in the correct section, if not, could a mod move it to the right section?)
Greetings Hans from the Netherlands.