Hi guys. I have a small problem:

1. I purchased a new 3GS 32GB direct from Apple Australia online so the carrier should be unlocked.

2. Out of curiosity I ran Blackra1n on Mac without plugging the iPhone in.

3. Being a Windows native I thought I'd closed Blackra1n by clicking the red cross. I was still considering using Pwnage Tool.

4. Plugged the iPhone into the Mac for the first time to check it's details in iTunes.

5. In no time Blackra1n, which I thought had been closed but hadn't, had done it's thing.

6. Now checked the details, listed as Firmware 3.1 (7C144) modem 05.11.07.

7. Whenever I restart the iPhone it does not enter Recovery mode.

8. I didn't run Blacksn0w because the carrier would not have been locked at purchase.

9. iTunes 9.01 didn't ask for activation. Only to register which I ignored.

10. When I inserted the SIM the Carrier settings are missing from the iPhone. The Carrier is "Not Available". No SIM contacts can be imported. Call's fail immediately. There were bars indicating low reception but now it seems to always say "No Service". I tried another SIM from a 3GS that was bought unlocked & it won't work either.

Being an inexperienced jailbreaker I wish to tread very carefully from here. The Blackra1n site states clean firmware 3.1.2 & baseband 05.11.07 are recommended. I'm hoping someone can suggest the safest course of action to take. Should I try Blacksn0w or Pwnage Tool &/or update to legit or custom 3.1.2? etc... So many possibilities.

Thanx 4 looking