I have an AMD Hackintosh (Uphuck 1.3 install - Updated to 10.4.10)

Everything works fine...with the exception of 'certain' Java related applications.

For example 'Cabos' quits after telling me it can't open Java.

I can't install NeoOffice as it tells me my version of Java is old!!!

When I run the latest Java (from Apple) installer it quits saying I have a newer version of Java on my machine????

I have confirmed that I have 1.3, 1.4 & 1.5 versions of Java with 1.5 selected as the preferred version.

Anyone have similar problems?

Another weird thing is that '/usr/bin/java -version' doesn't work saying '-bash: java: command not found'

I have confirmed that the file 'java' does exist in that location...

Any Solutions???