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Discuss Uphuck 10.4.9 v1.3 - A different approach to installation -4- People who cant install at the Archiv (Leopard) -; Here is the post i made on insanelymac forums. A bit cripled version below, ...
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    Default Uphuck 10.4.9 v1.3 - A different approach to installation -4- People who cant install

    Here is the post i made on insanelymac forums.
    A bit cripled version below, full story on above link.

    hello guys.

    If you succeeded installation of an earlier version of OS X (directly from DVD boot --or-- DVD didnt work,u used vmware method and succeeded --or-- both dvd boot or vmware didnt work, u used deadmoo method and succeeded), BUT no matter what you do to start uphuck's installer the installer is giving u and error and quits all the time, than u are a good candidate for my noob and painfull method

    if you have previous many experiences in os x installation before, you will understand the logic very easily
    my method is based on forced installation by a program called PACIFIST, and almost each compenent (most of the main ones--such as main folder structure , kernel, some drivers) have to be installed manually and one by one. but you must really understand where the files should be, when it is installed or extracted manually.


    if you open an installer pkg with pacifist, and when you check the package content's folders and files with pacifist, you will see that some files in right place, eg - everything is in normal place, it just when you double click and start installation it may give error, therefore u have to use pacifist to install directly but if it doesnt give any error you can install smoothly with no worry.

    on the other hand,

    if you open a driver's pkg or kernel pkg, and check structure with pacifist, you will see structure as /System/Library/Extensions/tmpfiles/blabla.kext as you will notice that this is a driver, and should be in .../Extensions/ not ./tmpfiles folder, if this is the case, try manual extraction (not install button--extract button on top) by choosing only the kext file(s) and extracting them to the right place. if the content looks like /System/Library/tmpfiles/mach stg, u should know that it is kernel, and it should be extracted to the root not in any folder.

    last tip: most of the time u will be using pacifist with manual extract/install but sometimes installer works, and u can just install pkg contents with double click with no problem. but dont forget to use diskutility to repair permissions from current system

    - you should have uphuck 1.3 dvd (aka ufuk kardesimiz)
    - u must have a working earlier version dvd that u were able to install before directly from boot up, or vmware way, or dd deadmoo way,
    - may need a windows system (for vmware)
    - large enough hdd and extra partitions (one for previous working installation, one for the last version installation)

    1) Before you can install a latest version of installation dvd, is it/was it possible to install an earlier version of os x on ur system?

    if your answer is yes proceed to 1A. If your answer is no proceed to 1B

    1A) If you are here the job is actually pretty easy but dont be fooled it is not too quick

    * As you are able to boot to an earlier working version you are on safe side to access mac files and mac installers.
    What we need is a second system that is latest right? So we need a second mac partition (note that if you are using another os eg XP, vista etc) this second partition is a must for fail safe

    Here is one example: 80 gb HDD you have

    20 gb is enough space for an XP system, another 20gb for your etxras. you have 40gb left in theory make a fair split of these two as mac partitions using DISKPART method (please use google its a nice tool

    * As you said yes to the question you should be able install an earlier version of mac os x on one of the mac partitions
    Install the first earlier version. Dont worry about any drivers at the moment for everytg to work, just able to read your cd/dvd drive is sufficient

    * you ve an earlier version installed,now format the second created partition with diskutility

    * Now here is the tricky part. Most of you will notice that you can start the main installer program from the dvd, but for many of you like mine, this is still not working once you start installation after all the nice customizations u ve done, installer is giving you an error and quit (some of the individual installers will work and many importants wont, i am assuming that installers has some checking system and looking for some stuff which i have no idea of but who cares)

    * Well dont worry, now what you can do now is download a beautiful program called Pacifist trust me it is pretty and powerfull than u think download done? what are you waiting install it!

    * Once pacifist is installed you are quite close to the solution now. Place your latest uphuck dvd on your drive. Go to the folder /System/Insallation/Packages/ folder after some funny noises coming from your dvd drive you should be able to see contents (all the installers)

    First try to install all the pkg files i will mention below directly, but if it is giving u error than use pacifist way! Make life easier not harder.

    a) Main System - First Try to install this one by double click and choose your second partition and install if it can install no problem if u cant install directly than long way (depending on your cpu either 10.4.9.Intel.uphuck.pkg or AMD.tubgirl - right click on the appropriate one and chose open with/pacifist) once you started the pacifist window, choose the package content and choose the .pkg file in the window and click install button on the very top! it will bring up a warning box, choose use admin bla bla to install confirm your admin pass and let the install begin

    B) Kernel - (depending on ur cpu, choose the right 8.9.1 kernel) u will see package content, and than u ll see many other folders in it... just to let u know that check to see each folder to the last one untill u see mach file and choose that mach file and use extract button instead of install button) than choose partition name (no folder as this is root level) and extract, needless to say use admin privelage bla bla

    Now, start your diskutility and choose the partition u r installing the system and repair permissions
    Old system mobos usualy be able to start by now. but make sure u pay attention to next step as well dont miss any. You can start the system with "-v" switch now to see what kind of errors u will get if it is not starting i am sure u have some extra h/w s needs drivers, reboot to your previous mac version.and continue reading.

    These two were the heart beat of the system, but upcoming ones are equally important as well depending on ur system. Drivers. Kext files!!! Here are some important drivers u may need.

    Note: inside the pkg file, folder structure is normally right one, and kext is in right folder, except some are a tmp folder, check it before u say install, because if it is in tmp folder and u say install it will install to same structure therefore it wont be the right one so it is this case u ll need to use extract button instead of install ok? check drivers pkg contents folder structure u will see some are in /system/library/extensions/tmpfiles

    c) AppleACPIPlatform.kext IOACPI- Many people who install this dvd without problem sometimes get ACPI driver not found error, because for some reasons these drivers dont get installed, bad boy installer... After instaling the driver it should be fine however systems like mine need one more acpi driver that is not in this pkg... it will be inside ( or tubgirl) /system/library/extensions/ioacpifamily.kext ..extract this to the exact same location as the same place where all kexts are in ur partition.

    d) IOATAFamily.kext - This usualy fixes the still waiting for mount device error
    Note: again last reminder, try to use double click installation first, if it gives error, proceed to pacifist way, and make sure u check the folder structure and kexts are not tmpfiles folder if it is, just choose the kext and use extract button... to point right folder for kexts -> /system/library/extensions/

    e) ICHX.kext - X to be ur mobos chipset version..up to ICH6 i believe built in supported, if ur mobo is ich7-8 ? than use this patch as well.. dont forget to extract to right place and if it is asked replace, please replace thats the whole point isnt it?

    d) Nforce4, Viaata, usb,atiata, 802.11, natit, titan, ati, gma9X0 etc drivers as their names suggest should be installed if u have any of these on ur system and they dont work out of the box.

    f) u can install loginwindow if u have problem with amd system i think, and pm power management for laptop battery management profile if u have laptop

    If you think u installed everytg proparly, than use diskutility to repair permissions, and than restart and choose the right partition on ur system to start... if u had started after a/b installation make sure u delete /System/Library/Extension.kextcache and Extension.mkext files repair permissions and restart to ur new partition.

    1B) If your answer was a no than try installing a working previous one through vmware or deadmoo method. and than go to 1A

    For example, my system cannot start from dvd for some reasons giving apple.plist error bla bla bla
    After playing with google i found deadmoo method first. it works fine, but lotsa problem not stabil, than found vmware method, but install 10.4.6 jas through vmware only, no others/and no other method bother to be instal 10.4.7 - 8 and -9 through even vmware giving errors wen the installer comes up and quits

    To note my system is
    Acer Aspire 9503 series.

    I explained above, once again i tell, i can install a 10.4.6 jas dvd from vmware but cant do it with 10.4.7 /8/9 dvds bcoz they give immidiate errors! and quits. that leaves us with only manual install option.

    i hope i did clean a instruction of the whole process, if not blame my english-as it is not my mother language

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