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Discuss Sucess on Asus P5B Vanilla, working Perfectly! at the Archiv (Leopard) -; Hi All, Hope this will be helpful to others who are trying to Install OSX. ...
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    Default Sucess on Asus P5B Vanilla, working Perfectly!

    Hi All,

    Hope this will be helpful to others who are trying to Install OSX. I have successfully installed Uphuck 1.4i R2 on this board. Initial research had suggested because of ICH8, Jmicron it would be a problem, however I installed using the VMware method (alternative to this is a SATA DVD drive or external USB dvd drive, to boot Uphuck's DVD) and its been relatively smooth. Everything works including Audio, Lan, X1950pro 256mb PCI-E, DVD writer on Jmicron out of the box. This is a fantastic job by Uphuck, Congrats Guys.

    I had initially downloaded 1.4i R3 but there were some reports it was not working as well with ICH8 and so went for 1.4i R2 instead.

    My system is a E6300, LG DVD writer, Asus EAX X1950 256MB pro PCI-E, no name 17 inch LCD panel, 2 SATA HDDs - WD2500ks and WD1200 BEVS (external usb drive temporarily connected as 2nd internal SATA drive for OSX installation - the great thing is if after the install I connect it back as a external USB drive OSX boots in USB too)

    Patches selected:
    1. Login Window 10.4.4
    2. Remove CPUPowerManagement Kexts (Not 100% sure whether installed this because have Apple ACPI kexts in my install)
    4. Remove Thermal Kexts
    3. Verbose mode

    Drivers Selected:
    1. ICH8
    2. Jccools X1950 driver ( This will give you resolution support and works perfectly but no CI and QE, for that you need to install a driver by Bronya)
    3. Azalia audio
    4. R1000 network
    5. Intel Speedstep

    Ps: Not Selected Apple SMBIOS by Netkas and IONetworkingFamily Kext

    Things to note:
    1. I already had WinXP SP2, Vista and Ubuntu 7.04 installed on my first Hard disk, was triple booting with EasyBCD 1.7 (has NeoGrub) no grub installed on my MBR.
    2. Asus P5B bios is set to SATA Enhanced and Jmicron to IDE. (No AHCI)
    3. OSX was installed on 20GB Partition on a second SATA HDD connected to Intel SATA port.
    4. DVD writer is connected to Jmicron port.
    5. During the install forgot about the MBR stuff so it was installed as GUID but is booting perfectly with no issues.
    6. Initially I was using my bios F8 option to select the second sata disk to boot OSX, now I use EasyBCD 1.7 which makes it very simple to boot OSX and other OSs.
    7. Have installed new X1950PRO drivers by Bronya to get CI and QE support, search for Bronya on Google, works good.
    8. iWORK 08 installed and working. Have to edit the setup to install on 10.4.9 though.

    In the end it took me a lot of time to research and understand the problems others were facing with similar kind of hardware that I had, before I went ahead and installed to make this work. Research is essential, this is not trivial. Uphuck's DVD makes it easier though provided you spend the time to understand the issues first. This should work on most ICH8/8R boards Intel P965 chipsets.

    Thanks Uphuck and all the community members on the various forums for a fantastic effort to get OSX going on Non mac hardware.
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