After numerous attempts of jailbreaking to 1.1.4 with Ziphone (Had the BSD screen problem & managed to sort it) I finally thought I had everything working great!
That was until several days later when I noticed the home key was non-responsive on occaisions and I had to shut down the ipod to get the home screen. This got worse as time went on until it got so bad I felt I had to do something fast!
So here's where I may have gone wrong?..............
I downloaded the latest Ziphone (2.6) and attempted another jailbreak, only I forgot to restore via iTunes to 1.1.4 first and now I am left with the dreaded BSD screen text repeating over & over only this time no matter what I do I cannot enter recovery mode as both buttons don't do anything!? Even if I leave the ipod to go flat I try it again but ipod isn't getting recognised (Have used iPhuc, iTunes, Ziphone's advanced facilities with no joy)
Can anyone help (Please don't say put it in recovery mode - both off key & home do nothing...)

I was gonna try to take it to an apple repair centre where I live - but wouldn't know what to say/explain and also not sure as it has extended warranty until sept next year (but I am not the purchaser - so I don't know where I stand regarding 3yr warranty??)