I've bought an ibook (500Mhz, 640 mb RAM, 30 Gb HD) for unlocking iphones (Indepence). Yes I know I that I can do it on windows too. But the version was 10.3.9 (panther). I connect Itunes it says you need 10.4.10. First i formatted the mac with the cd's the version was now 10.2.?). There were no problems. I downloaded mac os X 10.4 (Tiger) with rapid$hare, burned on DVD (on my windows PC) and put it in the mac. All installed (about 1houre ...min). I check version it is Mac OS X 10.4. I installed msn --> No probem. !!BUT!! When I click on software upgrade --> It opens --> It finds the updates --> I click install--> NO REACTION --> restart mac--> AGAIN nothing. I download combo-update 10.4.4--> installer opens next, next, i agree, next ,choose my hard disc next --> then INSTALL --> AGAIN NO NO NO REACTION. And there comes always a pop up with: "softwarename" changes do want to apply the changes now? YES/NO.

What is the problem please help I dont want to go back to 10.2 again