Hy guys,

I just wanted to use Time Machine to backup my system. I am using a 250GB IDE Samsung connected directly via USB to my system. I repartitioned the drive as said in some forums but as soon as the amount of data to backup reaches about 10GB Leo gives me an error telling "error: device removal"...

I compiled everything I found on the net to these steps but they simply don't solve my prob. It just keeps crashing with the device removal error. Any suggestions what to try next would be fantastic...

Thanks, xi


Known issues with Time Machine
I.01. Time Machine says "unable to complete backup". Although initial backup worked, subsequent backups don't.
I.02. Backup takes forever to complete (Backup is extremely slow)
I.03. Time Machine says the drive cannot be found, although being mounted
I.04. Time Machine says "Error creating directory"
I.05. Previous backups don't appear in Time Machine
I.06. Disk Utility shows drive is formatted for PC (means FAT or FAT32)

P.01. Disk Utility.app: Wipe all out of the Time Machine partition by creating new and different partions - create new partitions (Intel users: select GUID partition table), then execute it and then revert to one partition only again and then go to "Erase" and set formatting to "Mac OS Extended"
P.02. Delete Time Machine preferences (com.apple.TimeMachine.plist) from /Library/Preferences/ folder and reboot your computer
P.03. Make sure your computer name does not contain special characters like "/,'"?" and so on (see system-configuration - sharing)
P.04. Change external drive name from "Time Machine" to "TimeMachine" (no illegal characters and no spaces whatsoever, same as S.03)
P.05. Exclude the backup disk from Finder indexing (add it to privacy so it won't be indexed)

Doing it:
D.01. Disable sleep mode during backup
D.02. Unmount/eject all other drives/images besides Leo and TimeMachine Volume
D.03. Don't run iTunes, iLife Suite or Mail while backup - or exclude applications directory from backup
D.04. unplug your Blutooth devices
D.05. start TimeMachine (think about excluding folders - like downloads or movies and so on)
D.06. start the Backup and sit back

mainly compiled from: