I have a MacBook that I bought in January 2008, which came with 1GB of RAM. I upgraded the RAM myself to 4GB and everything works fine. Since I had never had a Mac before, I was wondering, what actually happens, when you run out of battery and a friend of mine told me that the system goes into safe-sleep. Fine, so I tried it.

The system runs out of battery and I think it powers down and goes into safe-sleep. Unfortunately it's kind of hard for me to tell, if this actually succeeds, because when I plug it in then and restart, I think it tries to recover, because the display stays gray for a little bit, but then I guess it crashes and restarts and boots up normally. No recovering from safe-sleep.

I googled a little bit and found that advice to change the hibernatemode from 3 to 7, but this didn't fix it. I checked the hibernate image in /var/vm and it at least says it's 4Gb. Could it be anything about my RAM? I unfortunately can't try my original RAM right now, to see if that works.

Has anybody experienced the same problem and might have a fix or any advice in general, because I would really like to make use of safe-sleep.

Thanks in advance,