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Discuss OSX86 killing my mainboard... at the Archiv (Leopard) -; Hello guys! I've got OSX86 from a "friend" now and wanted to install it. On ...
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    Default OSX86 killing my mainboard...

    Hello guys!

    I've got OSX86 from a "friend" now and wanted to install it. On my main machine it didn't boot, so I tried it on my older PC. It booted to the known message "Waiting for root device". I read a few posts here on the forums and they told me to change the IDE-devices' connections, so I did that. Well then... booting up again. The only message on screen is an "E", so I reset the PC and tried again with the same effect. Two boots later not even the "E" is shown on-screen... it's completely black. The BIOS-Logo isn't shown as well (used to be a P4-Logo there).

    Now I'm going to try to reflash the BIOS... but since the machine won't boot from HDD I don't think I'm going to get lucky with that either.

    Any ideas, what could have happened and what I can possibly do about it?

    Greetings 3-R4Z0R

    Edit: Sorry disturbing you guys... now it works magically again, without even changing anything on the system. Just like my old P2... didn't boot at all half a year, then I tried again and it worked perfectly.
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