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Discuss OSX x86 install not booting...? at the Archiv (Leopard) -; Hi, Im running the following system: Intel i865 based Motherboard (not sure if it is ...
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    Question APIC error on boot with Universal kernel #2

    Hi, Im running the following system:

    Intel i865 based Motherboard (not sure if it is ICH7 or ICH6)
    Celeron-D 2.66Ghz
    512Mb RAM
    8Gb HDD
    ATI Radeon 9600XT
    AC'97 Audio
    Marvell Yukon Gigabit Network

    Single install, with only OSX x86 running on the HDD.

    Install finishes fine. Darwin bootloader is installed and loads fine, but when you hit "Enter" at the bootloader screen, it does not boot at all. There does appear to be text flashing behind the bootloader screen, but it is definitly not visible.

    This system was partitioned using the MBR method, so its not a GUID partition problem.

    Any suggestions?
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    Ok, I have figured out my issue. It appears that I tried to install the vanilla sse2 kernel, and all of the universal kernels at the same time. I have now got Universal kernel #2 installed on my machine.

    The bootloader now boots a kernel, so I am happy in that respect. However, the system still won't boot. It throws a kernel panic just after initializing the USB devices. It appears just after it (appears to) find the root device.

    The specific model of the motherboard is a Gigabyte GA-8IPE1000-G.

    I have tried booting with -x and -s, to no avail.

    Any suggestions of what I should do?


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    Format the hard drive. Install the Intel SSE2 Kernel + Intel 10.4.x (x meaning whatever version you have) and the ATI Driver for your card and only that. Don't install anything else, install a basic system then you can slowly add via trial and error.



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