Hey everyone, I'm new here but I'm loving this osX86 project. I had barley heard of it before yesterday, and now I've got OSX running on my gateway, it's great! Now it's the fastest mac I own, haha.

Anyway, just wanted to share my partial success and also ask a few questions. I got 10.4.9 Installed just fine (Uphuck 1.4 r3) and then updated to 10.4.10 without a problem. The update didn't cause any new problems, but it didn't fix any old ones either. The following items do not work:

PS2 support - I have a USB keyboard, so this isn't a huge issue.
Audio Support - System Profiler says there's no audio device present
Network Support - OSX doesn't see the ethernet port built into the motherboard. I also have 2 different wireless USB devices but neither of them do anything or are listed as supported hardware for osX86.

The computer is a Gateway GX7022E (probably 2 years old) and everything else is working great. I was hoping to use this machine to stream iTunes audio from my other computers to....but without networking or audio right now that doesn't look like it can happen.

I installed all the drivers/kext's that seems appropriate, but I just can't get it to work. Any help would be greatly appreciated!