I recently got a macbook for work purposes, and so far its going great, i got the new blackbook with leopard etc. i only ever used macs for music usage in university with pro tools and logic express for recording/audio purposes. thus far im still figuring out all the apps and ways to use my mac so im not entirely clued up yet, but im getting there fast.

i have one problem however. my admin name and password do not work for some reason, so i cant install anything new into the book, as it need admin approval, i set up this account obviously when i started up the book for the first time. since then, i reinstalled leopard with the discs like it told me too, and the new password doesnt work either, this is really bothering me. anyone know why this could be??

another thing, almost every time i load to a page online, the keychain password box comes up, i can just press cancel to this, but its very annoying, and i never even set up the keychain feature yet. of course, the keychain should be the same as my admin password, but that not working means i cant do this.