Any help is apprectiated.

Im having some trouble with installing leopard on my external hd and then booting.

I have:

HP Pavilion Media Center TV m8000n
and a external 160 gb hard drive.

amd 5200
2 gig ram
500 gb sata hd. (will i need to unplug this? so the boot thing will load of the external?)

And i know i can boot off usb because when i go into boot menu it shows usb.

I have pretty much all the patched isos. I have kalaway, leo4all, zeprith(or however you spell it) and some other ones i think. downloaded all of them. i got leopard working on my upstairs computer witch was intel and was really easy but i want to get it for downstairs.

Im wondering which one i should use.

And i just want to be clear with the installation

Make a partition 30gb fat32 and then restart computer. boot off burned patched mac 10.5.0or1or2. then go into disk utility format that 30gb fat32 hard drive to mac journaled set it to master boot record or what ever. Then install it on that partition. Then restart computer and boot off usb.

Please help me with correcting everything i said wrong.