Hi There,

I hope you can tell me the difference or must do.

First I installed winxp, then try to install 10.4.5 on virtual machine. No luck, won't boot at all

Then I mad a 24 gb fat32 partition, booted with 10.4.5 and installed problemless. I got the mac partition formatted after several try's doing a msdos partition first then mac journaled, but no luck. I had to remove my linux partitions first. Then I could format the fat32/msdos partition to mac journaled. Installation fine, but no network/mouse/keyboard driver. Did a cold restart, plugged the mouse from usb to ps2, everything seemed to work fine. But slompy interface. My girl got a mac (serious big screen) which looked far finer and smoother.

Oh yeah, i'm using acronis disk manager and os selector.

Then I burned the weird guy's name (because I can't remember) 10.5.1 and tried to boot from it. That worked, but the system reboots while trying go into interface mode with the clock rounding image.

So I boot it into vmware virtual machine 6. Booted in os other, got into the interface of mac, but it hangs and does not go any further.

I noticed in the readme, that the many patches from the 10.4.5 are not included. It does have SSE2 support, but not the SSE3 (which i should not need (not supported by my processor)).

Somebody familliar with this problem?

note: i can install the 10.4.5, but not the 10.5.1

Any thoughts on this?

Greetz, The_Dude_1978 (Holland)