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Discuss [Installation] Giant Exhale (I Finished) at the Archiv (Leopard) -; First off this is my first post here.... Second please don't hate on me for ...
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    Default [Installation] Giant Exhale (I Finished)

    First off this is my first post here....
    Second please don't hate on me for this post, because I went through the whole installation without ever asking a single question, beacause I researched everything I needed to know on this site.

    So I'm posting this as help for other Noobs who, like myself, discovered this crazy idea of installing OSX on an AMD and had some problems initially. But I was triumphant.

    I was finally able to complete my installation last night, complete with server recognition, Sound, and Networking abilities.

    I started on Sunday - with the Leo4all disc and this PC:

    AMD Athlon 64 2.(something) ghz

    3 gig ram

    and Windows Vista Ultimate on one hdd; and an external hdd that I was going to load OSX into.

    My computer didn't like booting from a USB external that I was planning on using; so if at all possible I suggest doing it on an IDE internal drive.

    After about 4 hours of trying to install from the Leo4all disc (which I HIGHLY recommend for ease of installation) on the USB Drive and deleting, reformatting the HDD, and reinstalling OSX; IT FINALLY WORKED!!!!

    without sound or network capabilities.

    With my Iphone by my side I was browsing these very forums trying to find the answer. And you know how when You're in the zone and you're thinking about something so much that you overlook the simplest of instructions. Well I didn't click Customize on the Installation disc, and Didn't install any of the drivers.

    Back to deleting, reformatting, and reinstalling. This time, the install went quickly, but it was a matter of Trial and Error, finding the drivers. First time didn't do much change to anything; second time the Sound worked!!!! Awesome...I feel accomplished and brag to my girlfriend. Third time is a charm; and the sound and networking capabilities are go; and I'm HAPPY as HELL!!!

    Then comes finding the server. Again - Trial and Error, as I've never networked with a mac; let alone to a server running Windows server 2003. Surprisingly enough; I set the permissions and like emeril says, BAM!! There's my itunes library; and my movie collection.

    So last night; after everything was done, and back to normal, and working....treated the girlfriend to pizza and a Game of Monopoly on my newly installed working Operating System (that I love).

    I've had about 3 ipods; I have a jailbroken iphone :iphone:; and now I'm using Mac OSX :finder: on my PC.

    I just need to ditch the pc and server; and get a macbook and apple tv; and all the hard drives I can muster.

    again - Sorry if this is posted in the wrong section...first post ever.

    This site has helped immensely and I hope to stick around for a while...
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