i did a dumb thing today, i had 10.4.6 running very nicely on my fujitsu p7 (sse2) except it would freeze if there was no activity for a short period. i figured this was something i could sort in the settings and guessed that it was due to some suspend issue with the acpi driver. so, i duh yes DUH, tried to update using the built in updater from mac.

well, now it won't boot properly (gets to the grey apple screen and reboots) and am wondering what i might be able to do to salvage the install. does mac have anything like windows where you can "repair" an install (essentially keep the data)?

i grabbed the jas 10.4.8 update. now i'd like to try to get to a shell and install the pkg? does anyone have any idea how to boot into safe/single mode if using grub boot loader?