Hi, this is my first post here. I am new to attempting to install MACOSX on a normal pc.

Ok, I always wanted to learn how to use MACOSX, a friend suggested I try installing it on my laptop, its a Toshiba Satellite A215-S7413.

Currently my laptop dual-boots Vista and Ubuntu using the GRUB bootloader.

I tried reading some osx86 install guides he sent me, but most of these seem to be based on installing them on either a new system or one with an exsisting Windows install. Plus I have many questions that these don't seem to answer.

Also, since my drive is fully partitioned (although only about 20% or so of the space is used) I would need to use a tool such as Partition Magic to shrink the NTFS partition to make space for whatever file system MACOSX uses.

Finally, when I originally upgraded the 120GB harddrive in the laptop to 250, when I copied over the Vista partition it would not boot, it wasnt until I did a full drive copy that I realized Toshiba had created a special 1gb hidden system partition that apparnetly my Vista install needed ot boot. (Since Vista came with the system, I can't re-install it without using the "restore" disks that would basically completely reformat the drive, something I would like to avoid).

The problems I have are:

I don't know how risky it would be to attempt to shrink an exsisting partition.

How much space to reserve for MACOSX

How to configure the bootloader to work with Vista, Ubuntu, and MACOSX.

If I need to use MACOSX's bootloader or GRUB.

Since I am learning Linux as well, I woulden't know how ot fix GRUB if this procedure messes it up.

If MACOSX will be able to access my NTFS partition.

If I could just be able to go out and buy a copy of MACOSX and use it or if I need some type of specially hacked image.

And how I should seperate my partitions to avoid for example storing a copy of a video I watch on all three os's partitions and what oses can read which other's partitions. (I would assume that Ubuntu and MACOSX can probably both read NTFS, so I should make that my largest and store all my data on that partition)