Hi everyone

I Recently bought and Imac g3 and absolutely love it thing is its uber slow
I rember reading that it is possible to port OSX 10.4 to a pc. Well the thing is I don't know much about doing this.

To Start the PC/Laptop I would like to Install OSX on is as follows:

Dell Ispirion 1501
AMD Turion X2 TL-50 (I belive it has SSE3 Support)
1 GB DDR Ram
ATi Radeon Xpress 1150 256Mb
Sigmatel Audio Card
Broadcome Wired Highspeed Modem
Dell Wireless Reciver
Tobisha 80Gb Harddrive
Dell Chipset

Will this set up work?
IF so how much of my hardware will work?
Which realase should I use for this set-up?

My Experiance:
Reinstalling Windows
Basic Windows Commands
Applying Premade Patches and Cracks
All other sorts of intermediate computerskills

the last and final question am I leet enough to do this based upon above said?