Does any one have any idea why, an external hard drive I've named "Archived Data", seems to be recognized by a number of different programs/utilities as "Archived Data 1" instead??

I checked Disk Utility, and clicking on the Volume name (which does show up in Disk Utility as "Archived Data") reveals that the 'Mount Point' for this Volume is: /Volumes/Archived Data 1 ?

I tried renaming this drive to something else completely, and sure enough, the Mount Point and the Finder name then become the same thing, but renaming it in the Finder back to "Archived Data" causes the Mount Point name to once again become "Archived Data 1"

This issue is wreaking havoc on synchronization tasks I've configured, breaking alias references I've setup, etc, etc...

Any suggestions as to how I can go about resolving this so that the Mount Point name and the visible Finder name are the same (as they should be, and as they used to b) would be greatly appreciated... Thanks!