ok, first of i must appolgise, im ok with computers, but never really used mac before so bare with me

i have a sony vaio laptop (quite new as it has blueray drive etc)
it didnt come with any disks, just a recovery parttion
i followed guides to create a partion in vista as uncollated, but it would not work, so i decided to formate my recover parttion as i woudl never use it (this was the first partition on my drive) and vista on 2nd

so i booted into iatkos 1.0i, and i formatted to mac os extended (journaled) did darwin bootloader (it could not find disk0, so i did disk 1 then it worked, then i installed and (so i think) appiled all the patches for my laptop hardware.
i booted into -v -s mode
and flagged part 1 as active, i can now boot into leopard, but when i try vista i get hfs+ partition error

please help

when i boot into leopard and access terminal , some told me to try sudo -s

but i didnt set a password, and when i try type 1 in i get sorry try again. i cannt boot to vista, and i didnt back everything up

any advise??

i used iatkos 1.0i and have vista home premium (which is on my 2nd partition)

thanks for any who replys

btw i did search before, and all tutorials included i can access sudo or vista