WonderCraft is a naval battle game which supports multiplayer online combat.It has great graphics, simple control scheme and rich props.

Price: Free
Version Reviewed: Version 1.0.1
Download: App Store - WonderCraft

Naval battle game WonderCraft has a new version now,add single player mode in this version.I love everything related to marine. At the first, I was attracted by its icon, a very cartoon ship. I have kept my eyes on it since it was released on 25 Feb. Then it went to free. I could not wait to download it and played till two o’clock in the morning. Great! It is really amazing. It’s easy to control the battleship. Just need to move the Iphone left and right, up and down to change the direction of battleship. Then when I touch enemy battleship my ship will fire on it, but I can only sink it within certain attack range. And I found it could earn more gold to destroy big CPU controlled boats than other participants. If there is no CPU controlled boats and you really need money, you could fire on participants. But it is not very wise to do that, be careful, when other participants reborn, the revenge begins.

The game supports multiplayer synchronous fighting. Do not like other online game, players are in the same room or in the same intranet. Players of WonderCraft from all over the world connect to game company’s server. In fact, it is a big challenge. So sometimes it would fail to connection. Fortunately, they have released new version and there is seldom network connection fails.

By the way, the new version gives me big surprise. Although it is a PvP game, it cannot combat in Novice Battleground, new version supports PvP function. Besides that, l like sits on my bed and plays games. Producers added 0°, 30°, 45° three operation angles in this version, it really convenience me a lot. And there are more battleships and medals; I think I should sink more ships to buy a cool ship now.

In the game I make some friends who also love naval battle. I was surprised to find that whenever I log in, they are online. I enjoy the thrill of sinking CPU controlled fleet. When special mission appears, all participants should better work together to destroy enemy fleets. It is fantastic to wipe out all of them. When you fire on enemy, system will drop some props like missile, safeguard and gold etc. I like missile most, it could help you sink big ship with one hit. So you can sink more ships in short time and earn much more gold icons than others.

In general, WonderCraft has neoteric theme and easy operation. It is an extremely great naval battle game. Hope producer could open advanced battleship quickly. All my friends are waiting for it. Thanks for making such a good game.