I have a few promo codes to my action title VINCE ALIVE 1.0
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Vince Alive for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad on the iTunes App Store
Gameplay Video (this is the iPhone version):
YouTube - stuntvince.mp4

App Description:
Tap and hold to create a bomb!
Release to detonate!
Use your remaining bombs to blast the vince safely to the goal!
Navigate tricky levels and obstacles in this fun new physics puzzler from Triforce Studio Games!
Simple but fun!

that I would like to share with iPhone/iPod touch users who like testing and reviewing new games.
Feel free to PM if you are interested! e-mail: vinceyue666@gmail.com
Go have some fun!
If you take one, please let me know and please leave a review, here:
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It's really important to me ^_^)

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