hi to all!

At last, the time has arrived to inform you about a new iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch) application, that has arrived just in time for the Easter Celebrations, called eggBump!

The tradition of egg bumping or tapping or knocking (call it what you like) has arrived at the iOS in its purest form. eggBump is here to celebrate this tradition, and help save some eggs at the same time. Choose your egg, choose your opponent (via a Bluetooth scan around you) & challenge them for a two-round fight. Bump head-to-head and then tail-to-tail, the egg that will suffer the less damage is the winner. Accumulate points, and top the Game Center leader board!

- the only egg bumping game that requires a physical "bump" among devices to play, providing the most realistic simulation
- high quality, photo realistic images and professional studio recordings of the sound effects
- brute force does not affect the results, it is all in the technique, so don't bump to hard, your device may not appreciate it!
- please note you cannot play this game on your own, you need to find at least one opponent to engage in a dual mode fight

Even the price is great since at 0.99 USD (0.79 euro) it costs less than a double-yolk egg (plus the decoration paint) :-)

Give it a try and let us know what you think.

eggBump is available at the Appstore here.

Youtube demo here.

We thank you in advance for your contribution on spreading the word around eggBump and look forward to receiving your thoughts on it.

Take care.

The eggBump team

PS. if you want to say hello to us send it to hello@eggbump.com
PS2. eggBump was developed by a tiny Greek team, and will be available in English, Russian & Greek language
PS3. apart from our website eggBump.com, you can find us on Facebook & Twitter.